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HD Selects NASTF For OEM-to-Independent Service Info Help

ST. JOHNS, FL (September 29, 2015) – The heavy duty/commercial vehicle industry recently announced agreement in a Memorandum of Understanding (HD MOU) between the Commercial Right to Repair Coalition and the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA), where original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of heavy duty vehicles would provide service information to independent service providers by way of their OEM technical websites.

SMOG Testing Citations & Fines

ASCCA previously reported as part of our Bureau of Automotive Repair Advisory Group (BAG) meeting summary that there has been a big increase in citations and fines for issuing a certificate of compliance using a BAR97 EIS when an OIS test was required.  This is a violation of Section 44050 of the Health and Safety Code.  According to statistics provided by the BAR during the July 23rd, BAG meeting they had already issued 437 cita

Comply with Copper Brake Regulations

In 2010, both the States of California and Washington enacted legislation that will require brake pads sold or installed in both states to have reduced levels of copper and other heavy metals.  The legislation was enacted due to claims by environmental groups and regulators that as brake pads wear down, copper and other metals are deposited on roadways where they are washed into streams and rivers.  Copper is highly toxic to fish and other aquatic species.