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ASCCA California Wild Fire Relief Fund

California is being ravaged by wild fires that have taken lives and homes. The Automotive Service Councils of California (ASCCA) members in Sonoma County are known to be impacted.  Some have had to evacuate and are hoping they do not lose their homes.  

Sadly, our member Bob Toepp has lost his home and is starting the process of picking up the pieces. 

We are asking everyone in the ASCCA to go the extra mile to help our members by donating to the ASCCA California Wild Fire Relief Fund.  Donations will go directly towards helping the families of victims like Bob Toepp and other ASCCA members impacted by the fires in both northern and southern California. 

Please contribute what you can to help support our ASCCA families.  Your donations will go towards helping with items needed to rebuild or to help with temporary housing costs for those who've been forced to evacuate or lost their homes. 

We also encourage you to attach the link to this go fund me page to your business and personal Facebook pages to reach as many people as possible.

(ASCCA is a not for profit trade association working to assist its members' families impacted by the California Wild Fires. All proceeds raised will go to this purpose.)