Partner Spotlight: Armstrong & Associates and Coremark Insurance Services

Armstrong & Associates Insurance Services and Coremark Insurance Services

Spotlight date: April, 2021


In what ways has your partnership with ASCCA Benefited your business: 

Glen Dailey, Armstrong: By providing an insurance program for the ASCCA which allows us to provide workers compensation, garage keepers coverage and healthcare benefits we help keep members in compliance with State laws and protect their employees in case of accidents on the job.   This allows us to collect premium from these policies and  share with the ASCCA to help keep the association and Armstrong & Associates and Coremark up and running.

Mat Nabity, Coremark: Our businesses have benefited in many ways with our ASCCA partnership. Being experts in specific industries, such as auto repair shops, allows us to consult with carriers for preferred pricing as they know there are several other auto repair shops they have the ability to insure. In addition, ASCCA is packed full of professional, kind business owners who are the type of individuals we like to do business with.

How have ASCCA members benefited from the services you offer: 

Glen Dailey, Armstrong: Members benefit  from having insurance coverage that we offer which protects their property and their employee’s.  Its having that peace of mind that lets them focus on what they do instead of worrying about insurance.

Mat Nabity, Coremark: There are several ways ASCCA members benefit from partnering with Armstrong & CoreMark. A main reason ASCCA chose to partner with us was based on our offering of additional valuable services for all sizes of businesses where most insurance agencies put their profits first. We are always looking for ways to help all businesses. One example was CoreMark offering all members the sexual harassment prevention training at no cost and they will continue to offer that. When ASCCA members take the time to hear about the high level of services we provide in addition to the insurance plans, it's very easy for them to see the value we bring their businesses. If you haven't haven't reached yet, we know you won't be disappointed you did!

Tell us about a memorable moment from your time being an ASCCA partner:

Glen Dailey, Armstrong: This last year in dealing with COVID has been one of the most hard and enlightening times I have ever seen.  From businesses being closed and people out of work to people becoming sick from COVID and losing loved ones, it has been a roller-coaster of emotions.  One of the most memorable and grateful moments of this year is when they determined auto repair shops as essential businesses and would not be closing them!  What a huge break for this industry and the ASCCA!

Mat Nabity, Coremark: While we were fortunate to travel around the state to various Board meetings and Chapter meetings, one fun moment that stands out was the ice cream competition between ASCCA North and ASCCA South. It was a competitive, yet friendly event and the winners couldn't wait to be served tehir ice cream sundaes. It's always great mixing in a little fun!

Are you involved in any Chapters: 

Glen Dailey, Armstrong: I find that I make myself available to all chapters when they need an insurance update or are looking for some questions to be answered that are related to the insurance field.  With Zoom meetings happening, I have been able to attend chapter meetings and give input when needed.

Mat Nabity, Coremark: We have been able to visit most chapters over the years, including shop nights. We've enjoyed each event and the members are all very welcoming. We're always available for industry updates and have been the keynote speaker for several chapters.

Why should other companies in the industry become ASCCA corporate partners: 

Glen Dailey, Armstrong: To have the ability to deal with the top auto repair shops across the State is not something that is easily accessible to the normal business.  If you want to learn and work with the top players in the automotive field you need to become a part of the ASCCA and participate.

Mat Nabity, Coremark: Being endorsed by the state gives companies a chance to be recognized as a statewide sponsor. ASCCA is a dedicated association to it's membership and structured in a way that keeps memebrs active and participating. In return, members are proud to be  part of it and get involved. ASCCA is a vibrant, thriving association.

Five words of what ASCCA’s relationship means to your business

Glen Dailey, Armstrong: Trust, Service and Industry Protection

Mat Nabity, Coremark: Great people and great businesses!

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