Mission Statement:  The Committee shall protect the ability of ASCCA membership to do business in California, including safe, secure, and uninterrupted access to vehicle onboard systems and the required tools to fix them.

Meeting Schedule:    1st Monday each month at 6pm

Purpose:  Help keep ASCCA members at the forefront of this emerging technology and provide them with accurate, timely information on autonomous and connected vehicles, resources for information and training, and guidance on best practices.

  • Keep membership updated on new technologies concerning the automobile and the repair industry.
  • Create training around these items.
  • Drive greater attendance at Team Weekend events.
  • Create best practices on how to stay on top of the changes.
  • Let members know where and when training opportunities are available.

One of the missions of the Connect Cars Committee is to help ASCCA members stay up to date on the advancing vehicle technologies residing on the vehicles we all service. The Committee has acquired a series of educational assets that we feel will help you and your staff increase your situational awareness on these systems and in turn, enable you to deliver exceptional service to the motoring public. 

Additionally, here is a video one of our Committee members assembled that we feel will enhance your learning experience as you get up to speed on ADAS. 

Questions? Reach out to the Committee at [email protected]

News and Events

ADAS Equipment & Case Studies
Presented by: Scott Brown, Founder of Diagnostic Network & Owner of Connie & Dick’s Automotive

View the Training Video Library - Technical​ page.

Cyber Security Best Practices for Your Shop
Presented by: David Kusa, ASCCA Past President & Owner of Autotrend Diagnostic & Walter Edmondson, Owner, Team Logic IT
Download the presentation

ADAS Presentation
Presented by: Bob Pattengale, Technical Systems Manager at Drew Technologies, Inc. –  https://www.facebook.com/rocky.khamenian/videos/10218049152993066/
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2019 Ascca Member Survey Results
View the 2019 ASCCA Member Survey Results

News and Events Archive

Click below to view ASCCA’s Connected Cars Committee Regularly Digests – your quarterly summary of must-read news, industry updates, event information, and more:


Telematics: Click here to view ASCCA’s guiding principles on telematics

Vehicle Security Credentials: Click here to view ASCCA’s guidance on becoming a Vehicle Security Professional


NASTF Security Professionals—Video Resources

Additional resource videos, courtesy of NASTF


About ASCCA’s Connected Cars Committee

ASCCA’s Connected Cars Committee was established August 1st, 2017 with the mission to "protect the ability of ASCCA membership to do business in California, including safe, secure, and uninterrupted access to vehicle onboard systems and the required tools to fix them."  

Committee members are also active in:

  • National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF)
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
  • California Automotive Wholesalers Association (CAWA) 
  • Auto Care Association (ACA)
  • Auto Service Association (ASA)
  • ASCCA Government Affairs Committee


Connected Cars Committee Objectivesclick here to download

Membership Support: The Connected Car Committee supports ASCCA membership, providing:

  • news and analysis of the trends in “connected” cars (telematics and autonomy e.g.)
  • resources for information and training
  • guidance on best practices

 Partner Collaboration: The Connected Car Committee will work with ASCCA partners, providing:

  • feedback to partners on “connected” issues as they pertain to California
  • representation in partner advocacy nationwide
  • participation in “connected” related events across the Aftermarket

Government Support: The Connected Car Committee will support the ASCCA Government Affairs

Committee, providing:

  • coordination on “connected” issues; at least one current member on both committees
  • a dedicated mouthpiece (for members and partners) regarding “connected” issues
  • immediate updates on “connected” issues that may be relevant to legislation.

Committee Members

Carolyn Coquillette, Chair (Chapter 21)

Scott Brown (Chapter 14)

Pat Cadam (Chapter 21)

Kevin Fitzpatrick (State Member)

Fred Gruner (Chapter 48)

Rocky Khamenian (Chapter 48)

Dave Kusa (Chapter 42)

Rob Morrell (State Member)

Niko Sougias (Chapter 24)

Nelson Vargas (State Member)

Rory Balmer, ASCCA President (Chapter 14)

John Eppstein, Immediate Past President (Chapter 24)

Get Involved

ASCCA’s Connected Cars Committee meets via conference call on the first Monday of each month at 6:00 pm and in-person during ASCCA’s quarterly Team Weekends. For more information, or to get in touch with a member of the committee, email ASCCA Executive Director Gloria Peterson at [email protected].

Telematics: The Connected Car - How Will it Impact Your Business?

Our industry has seen revolutionary changes before, such as the development of onboard diagnostics in the 1980's. ASCCA was instrumental then in ensuring that the independent shop would have the same ability as the dealer to access and use OBD systems. With the advent of telematics, we need to preserve that ability. Your voice, as part of our membership, will help ASCCA to make this technology change a positive one for your business.

Click here to download the ASCCA Telematics Flyer

Click here to download the ASCCA Telematics Guiding Principles

ASCCA | Vehicles Yesterday vs Today

Modern Vehicles Come Equipped with On-Board Diagnostics (OBD)
These Cars are Permanently Online while on the Road

Data that your car broadcasts includes:

  • Driver behavior, which includes your speed of travel.
  • Travel destination and how many occupants are in the vehicle.
  • Repair, maintenance, and diagnostic information.
  • Consumers' personal profile (music, photos, personal spending, etc.)

Telematics is helpful but there are also some concerns:

  • Does the consumer have a say in who receives data from their vehicle?
  • Does the consumer have a choice about where to take their car for maintenance and repairs?
  • Can an independent shop effectively access and use the information needed to repair customer vehicles?
  • Does the consumer know their car is broadcasting & reporting to others?

Click here to download the ASCCA Telematics Flyer

Click here to download the ASCCA Telematics Guiding Principles

For more information about telematics please visit the following links:

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