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Legislation to Increase Minimum Wage Dies in Assembly Committee

Legislation to increase California’s minimum wage died in the State Assembly just one day after a poll conducted by the California Wellness Foundation found that 68 percent of Californians support it.    Senate Bill 3 (Leno) would have increased the minimum wage to $13 an hour

ASCCA Advocacy Fund

The ASCCA has established a fund to enhance our advocacy with the state legislature (e.g., legislative advocate's travel, ASCCA's annual legislative day lobbying, Government Affairs Committee initiatives).

Thank you to the following donors to the ASCCA Legislative Advocacy Fund.  Your contributions have already made a difference!

Telematics in Its Simplest Form

What you need to know about telematics and protecting consumer choice within the automotive service industry.

Comply with Copper Brake Regulations

In 2010, both the States of California and Washington enacted legislation that will require brake pads sold or installed in both states to have reduced levels of copper and other heavy metals.  The legislation was enacted due to claims by environmental groups and regulators that as brake pads wear down, copper and other metals are deposited on roadways where they are washed into streams and rivers.  Copper is highly toxic to fish and other aquatic species.

Paper Promo - Office Depot

Customer must have a business account with Office Depot to use this promotion.  Orders are placed at  

Use Item# 455-196-517 to place orders (no coupons needed).

ASCCA TeamTalk Changes

As of July 2015 the ASCCA TeamTalk email address has changed.


Engage Your Customers on the Issue of Telematics

The ASCCA Public Relations committee is encouraging all ASCCA members to begin engaging their customers in a consumer education campaign on Telematics.  A flyer has been developed by the Committee for you to use in your shops.  Consider displaying these flyers and even attaching them to your customer invoices.

Legislative Bill Report - 7/14/2015

The State Legislative Bill Report details various bills that ASCCA is tracking. If you have any questions please contact ASCCA at