April Member of the Month: Glenn Davis

Glenn Davis 2013 December

Glenn Davis with Chapter 14 (Inland Empire) is the ASCCA’s April Member of the Month! Glenn owns GDA Enterprises of Upland, CA, and is chairman of the ASCEF.

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Autel image 04 01 14Special Autel Scan Tool promotion (about $1,000 savings) for ASCCA members, good only this April 2014:

Flyer with the details

New! Updated ASCCA Advantage Page!

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The ASCCA Advantage page has been updated. Take a look at the savings you can get as part of your ASCCA membership!

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Recognize a Colleague at the Summer Conference

trophyAs we gear up for our ASCCA Summer Conference, we would like to extend an opportunity for you to recognize those who have gone above and beyond in promoting the ASCCA through their service to our members and their community. Here are a list of award categories:
* Sponsor of the Year
* Rising Star Award
* Volunteer of the Year
* Chapter of the Year

We welcome you to participate by reviewing the Awards Criteria form and filling out a nomination form to nominate someone for the awards mentioned above. Nominations are due April 11, 2014. If you have any questions, we welcome you to call Jay Jefferson with ASCCA at (916) 924 – 9054.

Awards Nomination Criteria
Awards Nomination Form 

COP_KEN_logo_4C_3D_vert_MotorOilPhillips 66 – Special pricing on Kendall brand motor oil available to ASCCA members. Contact Howie Klein, P66 Lubricants: SCAL, howie.klein@p66.com, c: 951-903-466; efax 918-977-8193

Press Release


Help Brand ASCCA! Use the New ASCCA “Chalk on the Floor” Video

ASCCA Chalk on the Floor VideoThis promotional video is available for members to put on their own websites and social media pages, and possibly buy commercial air time. You can tag information about your shop to the last 5 seconds of the ad.

To get the video emailed to you, email Phil Boerner at pboerner@amgroup.us. To have the video tagged for your shop, which costs only $50, contact Bob Harris at bobharristv@comcast.net.


Shop Amazon and Support ASCCA

ASCCA Member Exclusive Discount Offer on DAD

AESwave and BanaLogic are proud to offer ASCCA members a 15% discount off the price of a full IMclean Kiosk or IMclean DAD. The IMclean DAD (Data Acquisition Device) has been engineered by Drew Technologies a leader in advanced diagnostic and vehicle communications tools worldwide.  Drew was the first to begin BAR-OIS Beta testing in California.

The IMclean Kiosk offers a turn-key solution for performing BAR-OIS inspections that includes Drew Techlogies DAD.  The IMclean Kiosk has been configured and tested by BanaLogic, a provider of proven, reliable emissions equipment across the country.  BanaLogic offers outstanding customer service and technical support and backs their IMclean Kiosk with a bumper-to-bumper warranty.  Financing is available. To purchase at this limited time, discounted price contact AESwave.com at 877-351-9573.

iATN Offers Special ASCCA Discount
ASCCA members are eligible for an added benefit on iATN. The benefit comes at no additional cost to those already subscribing to iATN at the Business level.

This benefit allows you to upgrade your account to the new Business+ level at the same rate as the iATN Business plan @ $30/mo. Not only will you save $15/mo. on the regular rate for Business+, you will be able to grant premium access to each of your employees’ individual accounts (up to 4) so they can enjoy premium access, allowing them to stay up to date with current trends in:

  • Diagnostics – learn from their peers sharing diagnostic procedures
  • Tools & Techniques – use iATN’s new waveform library data sharing system
  • Analytics – discover new ways to address vehicle concerns
  • Knowledge Base – Access to over 3.8 million data asset items
  • Shop Management – Discuss challenges and solutions with fellow shop owners and managers
  • Industry Events – Stay up to date with training events being offered

The following links provide a great place to start in recognizing the rich discussions taking place on iATN in helping solve today’s tough issues. Learning and sharing amongst peers will provide you and your staff with valuable perspective.

iATN has a video tutorial index covering many aspects of iATN, including how to add sub-accounts to your Business+ account located on this page: http://members.iatn.net/video/

Please use the following special link to take full advantage of this offer today! http://iatn.us/PROASC1940

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact Scott Brown (President of iATN) or their support team @ 866-428-6428 or by email support@iatn.net.

DTSC Posts FAQs for the California Brake Pad Law

A new brake pads law (SB 346 Kehoe) that affects all auto repair shops takes effect January 1, 2014. Basically, shops cannot sell brake pads that have copper in them past this date, and must deplete their old stock by 2023. Most, if not all, brake pad manufacturers are already supplying the legal product. The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) answered ASCCA’s most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the brake pad law, and also posted the FAQs on their website under Auto Repair Shops.


Covered California Launches Self-Service Website for the Small Business Health Options Program
On Dec. 2, Covered California officially launched the full self-enrollment function of the Small Business Health Options (SHOP) online marketplace. This significant new function on the Covered California website will enable small businesses to fully enroll for coverage that may begin as early as Jan. 1, 2014.
Small Business Health Options Program

New California Laws of Importance to ASCCA Members

ASCCA New California Laws for 2014 (2)

Action Needed: New Cal/OSHA Training Required by December 1, 2013
Cal/OSHA has revised its Hazard Communication Standard to align with the UN global chemical communication system. OSHA is phasing in the elements of that policy and you need to take action to comply with the first element. By 12/1/13 all employers must train all those who come in contact with any chemical  in the workplace to understand how to interpret hazards communicated  through pictograms and standardized material safety data sheets, now called safety data sheets or SDS. This means that auto repair businesses have to provide that training to their employees this November. You only have to explain the materials below; you do not have to discuss any specific chemical. Document your training.

Training Materials
Hazard Communication Safety Data Sheets
Hazard Communication Safety Data Sheets with Pictograms
Example of New Material Safety Data Sheet


Bill Report April 14, 2014

New California Laws for 2014
ASCCA New California Laws for 2014

June 2013
ASCCA has issued a letter in support of SB 540. SB 540 (Wyland) is a bill that would allow a school district or county office to award a pupil a Career Technical Education (CTE) certificate if specified conditions are met. The public school system was once a model for providing students with the opportunity to acquire  training and technical expertise for meaningful employment in the automotive industry.

Click here to view the Support Letter sent to Senator Wyland.





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The ASCCA offers a range of membership categories to accommodate the varying needs of our members and the broad impact of our association. Below is a listing of the membership types under the ASCCA:

  1. Regular Members shall be automotive service businesses validly and currently registered in good standing with the California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) and the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) as an Automotive Repair Dealer (ARD). Regular members shall be entitled to vote and hold elective office in the ASCCA
  1. Associate Members shall be those businesses, which supply goods, equipment or services to the automotive service/repair industry, and/or those automotive repair businesses, regardless of type, not located in the State of California. Associate members shall be entitled to vote but shall not be entitled to hold elective office in the within the state association.
  1. Educator Members shall be teachers or administrators working in an accredited California school who do not own or manage an automotive repair facility. Educator members shall not be entitled to vote or hold elective office within the state association.
  1. Branch Membership is for Regular, Associate, and Educator members who want to join multiple ASCCA chapters, and/ or have branch locations that they want to join at the ASCCA chapter level. Branch members shall not be entitled to vote or hold elective office within the state association.
  1. Student Members shall be at least 16 years old and be currently enrolled in a California high school, votech or college automotive program. Student Member shall not be entitled to vote or hold elective office within the state association.
    Student Membership Packet

The ASCCA Advantage


You have a paid lobbyist, a grass-roots government relations program and a voice at the California State Capitol as we work on issues that affect your daily life from workers’ compensation insurance reform to continuing employer mandates that drive you crazy. We also work on national issues when appropriate in order to make sure your interests are protected. For more information about our legislative program please visit our legislative section on this website.


You need information and we’ve got it. Newsletters, fax and email broadcasts, it’s all here. What’s going on in the industry? How can you make your business better? How can you attract and retain competent technicians? We can tell you. Please visit our news section for more information about what’s available to members.


We take continuing education seriously. Learn how to manage your shops better. Learn how to deal with government regulations. Learn about marketing. Find scholarships for automotive technician students you may know. It’s all in our education section.


We are partners with Armstrong & Associates. They have a reliable history of working with the automotive aftermarket industry, including the California/Nevada/Arizona Automotive Wholesalers Association (CAWA). Armstrong & Associates brings to the ASCCA experience, energy and a team of professionals located in offices throughout the state to better serve our members. Armstrong & Associates is equipped to provide you with a variety of exclusive workers’ compensation safety & claims services coupled with employee benefits and HR administrative services. Receive the utmost care and service along with the most competitive and comprehensive insurance programs. Click here for more information.

Endorsed Programs and Services

Whether it’s our free legal program that members have access to, different discounted business services or maybe access to our credit union with business as well as personal programs ASCCA members have access to things other folks can’t get on the street. Click here to review a listing of all of our endorsed programs and services. To request more information about particular services please use our Contact Form.


Don’t miss this great opportunity to network with colleagues in your local area! Our chapter structure is unique and gives you the opportunity to meet up with and do some productive problem solving with members in your area!


There are many benefits to being a member of ASCCA. The most important benefit you can get is knowing you are among the select few automotive repair shops in the state of California who put the customer first and are willing to fly the ASCCA flag to prove it. You’ve put your badge on the table and promised to provide first class service in an honest and straight forward manner.

We all know the characterizations you labor under and we work daily to change that perception both in the minds of the public and in the minds of the legislators who govern your every move. Let’s work together to establish new standards for every member to hit and make our shops examples for the nation.