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2015 Countertop Display Contest

Announcing the 2015 ASCCA Countertop Display Contest!
NorCal vs SoCal
The ASCCA Public Relations Committee is kicking off the second annual countertop display contest. Remember how much fun we had with this last year? 200 shops participated and we expect at least 300 to participate this year! Our goal is to get the ASCCA name out in front of the public and let them know ASCCA shops have a high level of trust for their auto repairs!
Remember last year? What will happen in 2015? Stay tuned – we’ll have updates on Facebook and the ASCCA’s e-newsletter “What You Need to Know.”
What to Do
•Assemble the enclosed display and place it prominently on your counter in the check-out area of your shop.
• The countertop displays have a built-in business card holder for your shop to place its business cards.
• Submit a photo of your countertop display – preferably with you in it – to
Rules Changed to Encourage Early Submissions and Prevent “Sandbagging”
• Submissions will be worth 3 points if received before April 1, 2 points from April 1–June 30, and 1 point from July 1 until the contest ends at 5:00 p.m. on September 14. Early entries support the overall goal of getting the ASCCA brand in front of the public for the longest period of time. • The winner will be the region that has the highest points as of midnight on September 14, 2015.
• Losers will serve winners sundae desserts at the September Team Weekend Chapter Representatives meeting in Sacramento – and get the coveted ice cream trophy!