This Committee supports leaders and volunteers in their recruitment and retention activities. We’re here to provide resources like this:

  • Chapter Resources Portal: Gain access to this information-rich portal for membership support resources like event planning resources, member benefit promotions, introductory member flyers, and more. Check it all out in the Chapter Resources area online.
  • Customized Flyers for Each Chapter: Just contact us to get some created for your Chapter. We have flyers for retiring members, recruiting nonmember shops, and we even have flyers for your shop’s customers to learn more about ASCCA and why you’re a member.
  • Leadership Training Opportunities: Quarterly, we provide all leaders and members with focused training designed just for you. In the past, we’ve provided training in making cold calls to nonmembers, using a focus-group format to get input from your customers, and more.
  • Networking Opportunities: We’ve also hosted several networking opportunities to meet other members statewide and will continue this in the future, too. The best source of industry information is another member. Don’t miss these opportunities to pick the brains of the best in the business in a casual, unstructured format.

Committee Meeting Schedule:  2nd Thursday monthly @ 6 PM PDT

Purpose:  To continually evaluate the membership value proposition to support membership growth and retention. Develop and support outreach efforts to foster growth and retention.

Strategic Goal: Promote membership growth & retention, resulting in an annual net gain.

  • Continuously talk with members to determine association priorities and identify member needs
  • Bi-Annual (every other year) Communications Strategy Review
  • Develop outreach plan to promote the ASCCA Amnesty Program and support staff and Chapter leaders with outreach to members qualified for the program
  • Support conversion of introductory members to paying members
  • Work with staff and volunteers to develop a membership marketing plan

Lee Chesnin, ASCCA President
Dave Kusa, ASCCA Vice President
Angi Roberts, Chair
Daniel Costa
John Eppstein
Todd Westerlund


Our Council of Representatives works very closely with the Membership Committee since we’re both focused on assisting Chapters and Members succeed.

One of our quarterly all-leader training sessions was on the topic of the calls that we make to our Chapter Members and local nonmember shops to invite them to our Chapter meetings and activities. We taped some of the calls that we role-played for leaders to view.

The most important thing to remember about making these calls and the point of the informal, and sometimes goofy, videos below is to get the calls made. We’ve proven repeatedly that the best success is with Chapter Members calling other Chapter Members to invite them to participate.


We all are busy—and the person you are phoning is not any less busy than you are. That’s why these calls to members and nonmembers should be brief—no more than 20-30 seconds on the phone. Then follow-up with a quick email where you share a flyer, a few words about why you feel they would benefit from the meeting or activity, and how to RSVP or register.

Some of our most active Members tell us that they were contacted multiple times by an ASCCA Member before joining. Helping a nonmember shop owner to understand the importance and value of being an ASCCA member or attending an upcoming activity is no different in theory than winning a repeat, loyal customer at your shop. Be authentic and honest in your conversations and share why personally it is an activity you will be attending.

Below is a sample script that can be modified to fit your own Chapter’s situation. These calls don’t have to be too rehearsed. Speak from an authentic place and whomever you are calling will be able to see that authenticity, too.

10-second Script

"Hi, there. This is Joe Smith, and I have a shop over here in Pasadena. I’m also a member of the Automotive Service Councils and I’d like to tell you about an event the local Chapter is hosting. It’s on June 30  @ 6:30 PM at Celia’s in Los Angeles. We’ll be hearing from Maylan Newton from ESi, who is the master at writing service. He’s going to share some of his best and most profitable tips for shops. I’ve attended Maylan’s workshops myself before, and I’ve always walked away with some great new ideas. I hope to see you there. I’d also like to send you a flyer so you have all the info. Is your email address there [email protected]?" [Or will you give me your email address?]

"Great, thanks for taking my call today, and I hope to see you at our upcoming Chapter meeting. There are shops from all over the area who attend, so you’ll meet other shop owners just like us."

Then send the email to the shop and follow up again next month with the next Chapter or State activity. Keep it easy and short and sweet!

Here are some videos from the Membership Committee meeting on making calls—we had fun role playing—they’re not perfect but they’re for sure authentic! Contact us if you want to practice, too.


The Membership Committee is here to serve the membership. There are many ways to be involved in this vital statewide Committee and we’d welcome you to join us at our upcoming meetings.

  • Join us at our brainstorming sessions quarterly: The focus of these sessions is to collect the wisdom of the crowd. What ideas do you have to extend the reach of ASCCA and bring even more of the best in the business into the Association? Do you have an idea that will help those nonmember shops who are struggling and need our Association more than ever right now? Be a part of the solution and help us discover new, fresh ways to elevate our members and the industry.
  • Join us at our quarterly leadership training meetings. Quarterly, the Membership Committee will invite special guests to do a deeper dive into a recruitment or retention activity.
  • Attend your local Chapter Board meetings and collect ideas, needs, wants, issues, etc., and bring them to the Membership Committee. Could this be a common issue in another Chapters? Most likely if you are experiencing an issue locally, another Chapter is, too. Write us at [email protected] and share your thoughts, concerns, needs. We’re here to assist!
  • Ask your local members for what they need or want from ASCCA. And then share that information with us at [email protected]. We want to hear from you!

When you’re ready to get involved, then complete the form below. One of us will be back with you and provide more information.

Or just drop in the meetings, held on the second Thursdays monthly on Zoom. We start the call at 5:45 PM PDT to network and catch-up, and then the regular meeting begins at 6 PM PDT. See you there!

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