ASCCA TeamTalk

HOW TO JOIN TeamTalk (TT):

  1. Read the rules and etiquette governing TEAMtalk.
  2. Send your request to join to [email protected].

TeamTalk RULES

TeamTalk was set up as an open forum for members to use to discuss issues of relevance to the membership or the automotive industry at large. Questions and posts should be limited to those things that are of interest to the membership at large. This is a member-to-member discussion list.

TeamTalk is NOT intended for use as a communications vehicle to reach the ASCCA Staff, ASCCA Committees, ASC Insurance Services or the ASCCA Board of Directors.

Any items related to staff, committee, insurance, or board need to be addressed to the appropriate parties directly using the contact page. This mechanism has been set up so that you don’t have to be on a board or committee email distribution list to have your message forwarded. Simply choose the party(s) you wish to contact, and the message will be routed appropriately. Please do not post technical (mechanical repair, etc.) questions to this forum. Please use forums such as iATN for those postings.

This list is only open to current, paid up Regular, Associate, and Educator members of ASCCA. (Note: Corporate Partners are considered Associate members and are thus already included in TeamTalk.)

Participation in this list is a privilege and is NOT a right of membership. There is a moderator who takes care of technical issues. There is also a board of advisors made up of members, who assist the moderator and who decide if members are subject to disciplinary action, (removal from the list), if found to be in violation of the rules.


The following guidelines were set up to help TeamTalk operate in an orderly fashion. Violations are subject to disciplinary action which may include removal from the list.

  1. Refrain from “flaming” or using profanity. (“Flaming” is sending back angry, biting responses, “getting personal” and calling people names or otherwise belittling them. The use of sarcasm, profanity, “challenges” or other unpleasantness is not appreciated by list members. Remember, posts are seen by EVERYONE, not just the person you are responding to.)
  2. What does on TeamTalk stays on TeamTalk. (TT is meant to be an in-house discussion group for ASCCA members. Although there is an exception of “privacy” NOTHING sent via email is truly private. Please do not forward messages! REMEMBER – your behavior reflects on the association as a whole and your messages get around to outside entities whether you want them to or not. Maintain your professionalism at all times!)
  3. Stick to relevant topics authorized for TeamTalk. (Topics appropriate to TT are matters of interest to the membership at large meaning industry information, announcements, questions about your shop, chapter activities, legislative issues, etc. Emails directed to staff, directors, or committees should be sent to address listed on the contact page. From time to time, matters related to individual ASCCA members (i.e., notification of illness or death), are permitted.)
  4. Do not post Forwarded Items, Jokes, Spam, Virus warnings, etc., to TeamTalk.
  5. Send relevant responses to TeamTalk. (Don’t send “support” posts (such as “kudos”, “amen!”, or “right on!”) to the entire group. Please don’t sent “TEST” messages if you are wondering if you’re still on TT or to see if TT is working. Please address those questions to the list moderator at [email protected].
  6. Keep TeamTalk posts short and concise.
  7. Do not post copyrighted material to TeamTalk.
  8. Use appropriate subject lines (Please use “TT:” at the beginning of your subject line.)
  9. Sign your posts. (Many of you have obscure email addresses that give no clue as to who you are so please sign your first and last name at the bottom of each post.)
  10. Advertisements, solicitations, commercials, or sale pitches are not permitted on TeamTalk.
  11. ASCCA Corporate Partners and other Associate members are strongly encouraged to participate in TeamTalk as resources to the Regular members.
  12. ASCCA Corporate Partners and other Associate Members shall not use TeamTalk for self-promotion or advertisements. These members may respond to posts seeking help or information with a short answer/solution; this response may close with a statement similar to “Reach out to me privately if you have questions or need additional help.”
  13. Must comply with the ASCCA Antitrust Policy.


If you are an authorized participant on TeamTalk, send an email message to the following email address: [email protected] and it will go to everyone on the list.

Hit “Reply to all” when replying to messages. If you have not been authorized yet, or if you are sending from an email address different from the one you subscribed with, the message will be bounced back as undeliverable.

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