Automotive Service Council of California

The Association Membership that Matters Most for You

ASCCA is the vehicle to help you improve your repair shop operations today, saving you time AND money – while positioning your shop and the industry for long-term growth and success tomorrow.

  • Fighting for the Industry:
    • Doing business in California comes with countless challenges – ASCCA will help shape state laws and regulations to minimize their impacts on auto repair shops and make them work in the real-world. With our relationship with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, we are able to help create guidelines that protect the consumer as well as our shops.
  • Accessible Network:
    • ASCCA members represent a wealth of information and experience – through the TeamTalk online forum, webinars, local chapter events, and state-level events you can tap into a large network for advice and insights to improve your skill set and business.
  • Access to Information:
    • Auto repair shop owners wear many hats – and ASCCA will give you information and tools to be a successful small business owner. ASCCA’s free legal consultations (valued at $225 per month), business management advice, HR services, industry education and access to business supplies and services can all make your job easier and your business more profitable. ASCCA provides access to the top shop owners across the state to discuss ideas and strategies to better run your business.
  • Positioning Your Business for the Future:
    • The industry landscape is changing and auto repair needs as well as our customers' needs are evolving – ASCCA will help you navigate these changes, with cutting edge training and information. ASCCA will help you understand new vehicle systems, guide you in creating new procedures and processes to effectively and profitably run your business, and help you adopt the right technologies so you are best prepared to serve your customers moving forward.

​Join the leading association for automotive professionals that can help your automotive service business and employees thrive and be prepared for the next generation of automotive services. 

Core Values

Integrity, Unity, Compassion, Professionalism 

Code of Ethics 

  1. To promote goodwill between the motorist and the automotive industry.
  2. To have a sense of personal obligation to each individual customer.
  3. To create a community of automotive service professionals that are prepared and equipped with the skill set for the future of the automotive industry. 
  4. To perform high-quality services at a fair and just price.
  5. To employ the best-skilled personnel obtainable.
  6. To use only proven merchandise of high quality, distributed by reputable firms.
  7. To itemize all parts and adjustments in the price charged for services rendered.
  8. To retain all parts replaced for customer inspection if so requested.
  9. To uphold the high standards of our profession and always seek to correct any and all abuses within the automotive industry.
  10. To uphold the integrity of all members.
  11. To refrain from an advertisement, which is false or misleading or likely to confuse, or deceive the customer.



General FAQ

What is ASCCA’s Mission Statement/Core Purpose/Code of Ethics?

Read about all of ASCCA’s guiding principles here.

Who can join ASCCA?

The ASCCA offers a range of membership categories to accommodate the varying needs of our members and the broad impact of our association. Here is a listing of the membership types, and the different requirements to join.

How do I buy ASCCA Merchandise?

ASCCA is the sign you can trust! To proudly show your involvement in ASCCA, visit our online merchandise store here.

Membership and the ASCCA Network

When does my membership renew?

Every ASCCA member will be invoiced on January 1 for the following calendar year. Any member who joins after January 1 will pay a pro-rated rate for the remainder of the year.

Will I receive a membership card in the mail?

Yes, each new member will receive a membership card once their application is accepted and processed.

How do I sign up for TeamTalk?

Send an email request to join to [email protected].

What is a Chapter, and how do I join?

ASCCA consists of local chapters, comprised of members united in the common interests of the ASCCA. To find your local chapter, and the contact information of its officers, visit our Chapter Search page.

How do I recommend an industry colleague to join ASCCA?

If you know someone interested in joining ASCCA, send them to ASCCA’s membership page. As a member, you can also download valuable membership recruitment materials here.

What types of membership does ASCCA offer?

ASCCA has a variety of membership levels for students, educators, retirees, and more. To view a complete list of membership categories, click here

ASCCA Member Benefits

What is the ASCCA Advantage?

The ASCCA Advantage is a comprehensive summary of the value of ASCCA membership. We are proud to be able to offer a number of discounts and intangible benefits that are uniquely provided by our association. Click here for details.

What is the difference between an ASCCA Corporate Sponsor and an ASCCA Exclusive Endorsed Vendor?

ASCCA Corporate Sponsors support the ASCCA Advantage in exchange for brand exposure, and Exclusive Endorsed Vendors is the highest level of partnership, awarded to Corporate Sponsors that demonstrate a true commitment and value to ASCCA’s members.

I am told that we have 30 minutes of monthly attorney time. What number do we call, and who do we talk to?

Every ASCCA member is entitled to 30 minutes of free legal advice every month, personal or professional, from ASCCA lobbyist and legal counsel Jack Molodanof. He can be reached at (916) 447-0313 or at [email protected].

My business has been facing a lot of challenges. Who can I reach out to for help?

In addition to free legal advice, every ASCCA member is also entitled to 30 minutes of free business management consulting from Maylan Newton, CEO of Education Seminar Institute (ESi). Maylan specializes identifying and offering solutions to the most common problems facing independent auto repair shops. He can be reached at (866) 526-3039 or [email protected].

ASCCA Meetings and Events

Does ASCCA have an event calendar?

Yes, it can be viewed here.

What is Team Weekend, and who can attend?

ASCCA Team Weekends are a chance for ASCCA committees and the Board of Directors to meet in person over a two-day period. All ASCCA members are welcome to attend and are able to openly share their ideas. For a list of ASCCA events, please click here.

ASCCA Political Advocacy

Who is ASCCA’s lobbyist in Sacramento?

Jack Molodanof, a business law attorney and ASCCA’s lobbyist. Jack has distinguished himself in the areas of legislative, regulatory and public service. Mr. Molodanof is a state registered lobbyist. He is a highly respected and trusted advisor to many local and state government officials. Learn more about Mr. Molodanof here.

How do I track current legislation?

The California Legislature keeps an up-to-date database of current and pass legislation here.

What is the ASCCA Advocacy Fund, and how can I donate?

Details on ASCCA’s advocacy fund can be found here. Want to contribute? Please click here.

What is the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Legislative Fly-In, and how can I attend?

The legislative fly-in is an annual event held in Sacramento, in conjunction with California Autobody Association, where attendees get to connect with others in the industry and visit legislative offices to advocate on issues important to the automotive industry.

How can I find out who my state representatives are in Sacramento?

Click here to find out who your State Assemblymember and Senator are.

What is the Bureau Automotive Repair Advisory Group (BAG)?

The BAR Advisory Group was established by the Department of Consumer Affairs and BAR to increase the level of communication between BAR, the automotive repair industry, and stakeholders. This voluntary membership group is balanced to represent public, industry, and consumers. The advisory group is an informal assembly that meets regularly to provide input to the Chief on BAR program issues.

ASCCA Strategic Partners

What is CalABC?

The California Automotive Business Coalition (CalABC) is an alliance of members from various corners of the automotive service industry, who represent organizations of all shapes and sizes. Together we work with other stakeholders including those representing consumers, vendors and government agencies in an effort to improve our industry and the customers we serve. An association of people interested in Automotive Training in the State of California.

What is CAT, and what kind of events do they host?

The California Automotive Teachers is an association of those interested in automotive training in California. They host two conferences each year one in the spring and one in the fall. The spring conference is hosted by a northern California member school and the fall conference is hosted by a southern California member school. For more information, visit their website.

What is CAWA?

The CAWA is a non-profit trade association representing automotive aftermarket parts manufacturers, jobbers, warehouse distributors and retailers in California, Nevada, and Arizona. The Association was formed in 1955 and serves as the voice of the aftermarket parts industry in the West. CAWA prides itself on quality customer service to its members and the industry. For more information, please visit their website.

What is ACA?

The Auto Care Association is the voice for the auto care industry—a coast-to-coast network of 500,000 independent manufacturers, distributors, parts stores and repair shops offering quality, choice and innovation for drivers.

What is California Small Business Association?

The California Small Business Association is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit, non-partisan organization that makes its mission to provide small business with a meaningful voice in state and federal governments.

What is the California Small Business Day?

California Small Business Day is an event focused on recognizing the contributions of small business to the success of California’s economy. The event is host to speakers from the California Legislative Leadership, key government agency leaders, and executives from utility companies. The highlight of the event is the Awards Luncheon where small business owners from within the state are recognized for their outstanding contributions to their communities and demonstrating what a successful small business in California looks like. Last year we hosted 90 Legislators that honored small businesses from their districts!

What is NASTF, and how do I apply for an LSID to become a Registered NASTF Vehicle Security Professional?

The National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) is a cooperative effort among the automotive service industry, the equipment and tool industry and automobile manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure that automotive service professionals employed outside the OEMs franchise system have the information, training, and tools needed to properly diagnose and repair today's high tech vehicles. For more information on how to become a Registered NASTF Vehicle Security Professional, click here.

ASCCA Committees – Elevate Your Involvement

What is the Chapter Reps Committee, and how do I join?

The ASCCA Chapter Reps committee is comprised of representatives appointed by each chapter to serve as their liaison to the ASCCA Board of Directors, and is chaired by Rocky Khamenian of Chapter 48. Those interested in the committee should contact the ASCCA at [email protected].

What is the ASCCA Membership Committee, and how do I join?

The ASCCA Membership Committee is tasked with developing new ideas and resources to retain ASCCA members and recruit new ones, and is chaired by Mitch Mendenhall of Chapter 24.

What is the ASCCA Government Affairs Committee, and how do I join?

The ASCCA Government Affairs Committee is responsible for updating association members on ASCCA’s government activities, in partnership with ASCCA lobbyist Jack Molodanof. The committee is chaired by Tracy Renee. Those interested in the committee should contact Gloria Peterson at [email protected].

What is the ASCCA Public Relations Committee, and how do I join?

The ASCCA Public Relations Committee develops public relations campaigns to advance the association’s interest and image to the public. The committee is chaired by John Camara of Chapter 26. Those interested in the committee should contact Ryan King at [email protected].

What is the ASCCA Revenue and Benefits Committee, and how do I join?

The ASCCA Revenue and Benefits Committee works to identify financial support to fund the association’s activities, as well as identifies member benefit programs that enhances the ASCCA Advantage. Those interested in the committee should contact the ASCCA staff at [email protected].

What is the ASCCA Conference Committee, and how do I join?

The conference committee is tasked with discussing ideas for upcoming conferences, venues, and subject matter. Those interested in the committee should contact Becky McGuire at [email protected].

What is the ASCCA Bylaws, Policy, and Procedures Committee, and how do I join?

The ASCCA Bylaws, Policy, and Procedures committee is responsible for overseeing proposed changes to the association’s bylaws, which serve as its guiding principles. Those interested in the committee should contact Gloria Peterson at [email protected].

Who are the ASCCA Board of Directors, and how do I join?

The ASCCA Board of Directors control and manage the funds, affairs, and property of the Association. A current listing of board members can be found here. Those interested in joining the board should contact Gloria Peterson at [email protected].

Who are the ASCCA Executive Officers, and how do I become one?

The ASCCA Executive Officers are comprised of the ASCCA president, first vice president, Chapter Representatives Committee Chair, treasurer and secretary. All officers are elected from among the board of directors, with the exception of the Chapter Reps Chair.

ASCCA Communications

WYNTK is a weekly e-publication distributed to all ASCCA members, featuring pertinent news to the association about government affairs, upcoming events, industry-wide news, and more. If you would like to submit an article, please contact Ryan King in the ASCCA office at [email protected].

An archive of past WYNTKs can be downloaded here.

How do I advertise with ASCCA?

Those interested in advertising opportunities should contact the Felicia Price at [email protected].

What is the California Independent Magazine?

The ASCCA California Independent is an ASCCA publication that contains articles of interest both in regards to activities being conducted by the association and articles designed to educate automotive professionals.

ASCCA Gives Back

How do I become a Cars4Careers Donation Center?

Call the ASC Educational Foundation office at (800) 745-6121 or email them at [email protected]

What is the ASC Educational Foundation, and how can I contact them to get involved?

The purpose of the ASC Educational Foundation is to provide educational and training opportunities, scholarships and endowments in the field of automotive repair and maintenance. Their office phone number is (800) 745-6121.

How do I donate the ASC Educational Foundation?

The ASC Educational Foundation is always looking for donations, whether it’s volunteer time, an unused automobile, or a cash donation. To learn more, click here.

ASCCA Staff Contacts

How do I reach the ASCCA office and/or ASCCA staff members?

For general questions about ASCCA, please call the main office at (800) 810-4272 or submit your questions/comments here. For questions for specific staff members, click on their name below to send them an email.

Gloria Peterson, Executive Director

Nito Goolan, Accounting Executive

Ryan King, Communications Manager

Sarah Austin, Manager, Digital and Social Media

Benjamin Ichimaru, Membership Services

Becky McGuire, Events Manager

Felicia Price, Sponsorship Manager

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