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What's New

ASCCA 2017 Raffle

Sponsored by AESWave

We are excited to announce an ASCCA raffle sponsored by AESWave!

The prize is a combination of two items:

  • 4-channel PicoScope Starter Diagnostic Kit (Foam) (retail price $1,705.00) &

  • Pico 3 axis NVH Accelerometer Kit with Microphone in Foam (retail price $819.00)

New Member Benefit - Shop-Ware

ASCCA recently announced its newest corporate sponsorship with Shop-Ware Inc., an innovative company that delivers cutting-edge shop management software. The shop management software promotes business wellness and maximizes productivity by casting traditional best practices in paperless, cloud-based applications. Founder Carolyn Coquillette, an ASCCA member and owner of Luscious Garage in San Francisco, is assisted by Chip Keen, former owner of Hansville Repair and founder/developer of Garage Operator.

ESi Training for ASCCA Members

ASCCA and ESi have partnered together to offer two exclusive classes where the entire registration fee will go directly to supporting the ASCCA!

ESi Southern California Training for ASCCA Members

By the Numbers: A compilation of all of our best "numbers" classes ending with our popular "Profit Structuring Class". This class is a MUST for every owner / manager as it teaches you how to run your business through the numbers.

​9am - 5pm
September 24, 2016