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ASCCA establishes the new Connected Car Committee

Mission Statement
The Committee shall protect the ability of ASCCA membership to do business in California, including safe, secure, and uninterrupted access to vehicle onboard systems and the required tools to fix them.
#1 - Membership Support
The Connected Car Committee supports ASCCA membership, providing:
  • news and analysis of the trends in ”connected” cars (telematics and autonomy e.g.)
  • resources for information and training
  • guidance on best practices
#2 - Partner Collaboration
The Connected Car Committee will work with ASCCA partners, providing:
  • feedback to partners on “connected” issues as they pertain to California
  • representation in partner advocacy nationwide
  • participation in “connected” related events across the Aftermarket
#3 - Government Support
The Connected Car Committee will support the ASCCA Government Affairs Committee, providing:
  • coordination on “connected” issues; at least one current member on both committees
  • a dedicated mouthpiece (for members and partners) regarding “connected” issues
  • immediate updates on “connected” issues that may be relevant to legislation