ASCCA Call to Action!

ASCCA members are requested to contact their legislator and respectfully request that they vote "no" on SB 350.

SB 350 by Senator De Leon, which was recently amended and now requires an arbitrary and unrealistic reduction of petroleum use by 50% by 2030, increasing the current renewable portfolio standard to 50% by 2030 and increasing energy efficiency in buildings by 50%, without regard to the impact on individuals, small businesses and the economy. SB 350 has been labeled a "job killer" bill by the California Chamber of Commerce. See link for copy of the bill

If passed, SB 350 would also:

  • Provide a Blank Check to California Air Resources Board (CARB). The bill gives broad and undefined authority to CARB (a body of political appointees, not elected by the voters) to unilaterally adopt new regulations, standards and specifications. The bill fails to require CARB to give consideration to the costs or job loss associated with the mandatory reduction.
  • Increase costs on Californians and small businesses. Driving is integral to daily life. Without legislative guidance or protections against increased costs or job loss, what tools could CARB employ to meet the reduction mandate? Ration the use of petroleum? Limit driving to certain days of the week? Demand vehicle efficiency without available technology? Implementation of any of these approaches will come at a high cost to California residents and small businesses.
  • Lead to Skyrocketing Energy Costs. In addition to the mandated 50% reduction in petroleum, SB 350 also seeks to increase the current renewable portfolio standard from 33% to 50%, as well as increase energy efficiency in new building to 50%. Both of these policies will significantly increase energy costs to ratepayers and small businesses and make California businesses less competitive.
  • Creates potential Monopolies and non-competitive Market place. Will there be a 50% reduction in the production of petroleum in the state? What will that do to the petroleum jobs and the industry? Who will benefit from less petroleum use? Economic losses to the state could be devastating.

Please urge your state representative (Senator and Assembly Member) to vote "NO" on SB 350.

To find your state representative, click here.

Thank you!

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