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Kris Cesena

Spotlight date: February, 2013 ASCCA | Kris CesenaMember of the month: Kris Cesena Spotlight date: February, 2013 Kris Cesena, Auto Medics, San Mateo, CA In her own words: “My inspiration to become involved in the automotive repair industry came in the summer between high school and college I got a job working as a bookkeeper at a service station. It was there that I met my future husband, Dan Cesena, who was working there as a technician. Three months later we moved in together and 3 years later we opened our own shop. Although I had a full-time job at the time, I would go to the shop after work and on weekends to help Dan with the marketing and general office type work. Dan had worked at many independent shops before working at the Honda Dealer and always wanted to have his own service facility. The popularity of Hondas in the eighties and people’s understanding of the importance of routine maintenance was the perfect formula to get ... read more

John Camara

Spotlight date: January, 2013 ASCCA | John CamaraMember of the month: John Camara Spotlight date: January, 2013 John Camara, Camara Auto Service, Inc., Tulare, CA In his own words: “I became inspired to get involved in automotive repair from always being curious as to how toys and other objects worked. When my personal objects would eventually break I would naturally try to fix them. When I entered high school I enrolled in auto shop classes and eventually an opportunity came along for me to work part time at a full service station assisting in the repairs. That began my automotive repair career. In 1972 the owner of the facility I grew to manage unfortunately experienced serious medical complications and he could no longer work full time and looked for a buyer to take over his business. At that time I decided this would be my opportunity to own my own repair shop. I then was able to start my own business on January 01, 1973. From the ver ... read more

Bob Toepp

Spotlight date: December, 2012 ASCCA | Bob ToeppMember of the month: Bob Toepp Spotlight date: December, 2012 Bob Toepp, Bill’s Auto Electric & Repair, Santa Clara, CA In his own words: “I was raised in the shop where my dad was part owner and I started working with him when I was 15years old. I wanted to learn what made the car tick. I always loved to take things apart, fix it and put them back together! It was June 1976 when I started working at Bill’s Auto Electric & Repair. It was the business that my dad (Bob Toepp ) started working at in 1958 and in 1971 he and a partner, Don Bordessa bought from the owner, Bill Siemsen. I worked my way up the ladder from mopping floors, cleaning parts to working on cars. I went through the automotive apprenticeship program, went to Santa Rosa Junior College and graduated with an AA degree in automotive in June 1981. I knew that the automotive business was in my blood. I worked alo ... read more

Dave Kemnitz

Spotlight date: November, 2012 ASCCA | Dave KemnitzMember of the month: Dave Kemnitz Spotlight date: November, 2012 Dave Kemnitz, D & H Enterprises, Concord, CA In his own words: At the age of 15 I worked for a guy who owned a race car. I became part of his pit crew and we ran it every Saturday night. It was during that period of time that I became hooked and subsequently enrolled in all of the auto shop classes in high school! I am sure that you have heard that my wife Mary likes fast cars and she was part of the same group that hung out at the speedway and ran powder puff. It wasn’t long until I caught her eye and the rest is history. I feel Like ASCCA brought us out of a cave, we knew how to fix cars, we had a good business plan, but building all of these ASCCA relationships is priceless, not to mention all of the discounted endorsed vendors that we have access to! ASCCA opened many doors and brought us to the next level of success ... read more

Art Ratner

Spotlight date: October, 2012 ASCCA | Art RatnerMember of the month: Art Ratner Spotlight date: October, 2012 Art Ratner, Art’s Automotive, Berkeley, CA In his own words: "I grew up at a time when the automotive culture was in full bloom. While I was an amateur mechanic I had several experiences with major repairs on vehicles that left me with such a feeling of accomplishment that I naturally was drawn to attending a college level automotive school and making a career in the field of automotive repair. I started the business 32 and 1/2 years ago by myself out of a rented apartment with four small garages in back. I impressed people (with money) with my hard work who backed me getting into a proper commercial location at year four. I got to buy one, then two and then three properties, side by side and expanded and hired until I reached 20,000 square feet of space and fourteen employees including nine technicians. ASCCA opened doors to ed ... read more

James Justus

Spotlight date: September, 2012 ASCCA | James JustusMember of the month: James Justus Spotlight date: September, 2012 James Justus, James Automotive, San Diego, CA James Justus of James Automotive in San Diego, California has been a four decade plus dedicated member of IGO / ASC / ASCCA since 1971. He gives back to his industry, this Association, his community & his Chapter. James currently serves on the Government Affairs Committee and has served on many committees with varying positions both within his local chapter and at the state level. Not only does James actively participate in the annual Legislative Day, Quarterly Team Weekends, attend annual conferences, he also regularly contacts his legislators on issues affecting the automotive industry, freely offers his experience-based advice to his colleagues and always offers an open ear to a colleague in need. James has been very instrumental and active with SB750 which he was assigned to trac ... read more
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