Core Purpose: To elevate and unite automotive professionals and give them voice.

Stephanie Pitari

Spotlight date: August, 2020 Member of the month: Stephanie Pitari Spotlight date: August, 2020 The ASCCA Membership Committee proudly announces Stephanie Pitari of All Wheel Auto, Truck & RV Repair as its ASCCA member of the month for August 2020. ASCCA regularly honors members who go above and beyond in demonstrating ASCCA’s core values of integrity, compassion, professionalism, and unity. Along with these core values, Stephanie also embodies ASCCA’s core purpose: To elevate and unite automotive professionals and give them voice. Stephanie got a taste of the business as a young girl, watching her dad, Rob Pitari, write service and run the crew while she helped retrieve tire codes and part numbers for him. She also helped her aunt with the books, watched repairs, assisted the crew by bringing them tools and even chatted with the customers. By high school, she would even attend ASCCA meetings.  As a young adult, she left the business for a bit, but she did not leave behind her knowledge and love of the industry. When she travelled, she would deal with other shops and point out their mistakes or when they overquoted for work. This led to her getting frequent job offers. Eventually she returned home to a warm family welcome, started her career with her dad at All Wheel, and started a family of her own. Her son now comes to work with her like she used to with her dad. Step ... read more

Steve Elstins

Spotlight date: November, 2014 ASCCA | Steve ElstinsMember of the month: Steve Elstins Spotlight date: November, 2014 Steve Elstins, owner of West Coast Muffler in Concord. Steve was nominated by Chapter 20 because his passion to make a difference in the industry is appreciated by everyone. He has organized a Father’s Day car show for the last 20 years and donated the proceeds to charity. Steve is also an ASCCA board member, chairs ASCCA’s Education, Training and Information Committee, and is a member of ASCCA’s Summer Conference and Government Affairs Committees. Steve does a lot for ASCCA members so thank him next time you see him

Jonathan Summers

Spotlight date: October, 2014 ASCCA | Jonathan SummersMember of the month: Jonathan Summers Spotlight date: October, 2014 Jonathan Summers of the California Smog & Automotive Institute in Riverside He is a member of ASCCA Chapter 14-Inland Empire. Jonathan has been an ASCCA member since 2012. He and his wife run a school that conducts automotive training for young technicians. He is also the owner of an auto repair shop and is an active supporter of the ASCCA

Raul Salgado

Spotlight date: September, 2014 ASCCA | Raul SalgadoMember of the month: Raul Salgado Spotlight date: September, 2014 Raul Salgado of Raul’s Auto Repair in Azusa and Covina He is a member of ASCCA Chapter 5 (Foothill). Raul was inspired to become involved in automotive repair by ASCCA members, particularly Gene Morrill and Craig Johnson. He was able to own and run his very successful repair shop through hard work, training, and by having the right people working for him. From being an ASCCA member, he has gained a network of friends and created the best shop. He advises new ASCCA members to get to know their fellow ASCCA members and get involved with their local chapter. If you are not a member, Raul says to become a member as soon as possible

Larry and Laurie Moore

Spotlight date: July, 2014 ASCCA | Larry and Laurie MooreMember of the month: ASCCA Members of the Year Larry and Laurie Moore! Spotlight date: July, 2014 Larry and Laurie Moore, of Larry’s AutoWorks in Mountain View, the ASCCA Members of the Month in September 2013, were recognized at the summer conference as ASCCA’s Members of the Year. The Member of the Year is chosen from among all the Members of the Month in the previous fiscal year. In their own words: “I got into auto repair because I was really hard on cars and they would break and since I was a student, I could not afford to pay to have them fixed. I worked my way through college building VW engines in my garage and eventually for a local engine building company…” **Please scroll down to the bottom of this page (to their member of the month profile) to read more

Pete and Darlene Peterson

Spotlight date: June, 2014 ASCCA | Pete and Darlene PetersonMember of the month: Pete and Darlene Peterson Spotlight date: June, 2014 Pete and Darlene Peterson, retired members

Paul Grech

Spotlight date: May, 2014 ASCCA | Paul GrechMember of the month: Paul Grech Spotlight date: May, 2014 Paul Grech, Allied Engine & Auto Repair, San Francisco, CA Paul is the president of Chapter 21 (San Francisco). He’s pictured with his 1936 Ford pickup. In his own words: "I became involved in automotive repair because I watched my dad work on his cars from the age of four and when I was 16 my dad gave me a 1936 Ford truck. I was able to get a license at 15, but I wasn’t able to keep it very long, because I had five tickets before I had a license, so I lost my license for six months. During that time without a license, I was able to put an Oldsmobile motor, a Caddie box and a nine inch Ford rear end in the ’36, so it was a very dependable hot rod and I still have it. The road to owning my own repair ... read more

Glenn Davis

Spotlight date: April, 2014 Glenn DavisMember of the month: Glenn Davis Spotlight date: April, 2014 Glenn Davis, GDA Enterprises, Upland, CA Glenn is a member of Chapter 14 (Inland Empire) and chairman of the ASCEF. Click here to learn more about the ASCEF In his own words: "Thank you all for your kind words,I never imagined the path I would take when I first attended an ASCCA meeting in Chapter 5 back when I was a 22-year old shop owner. The evening is still etched in my memory as if it happened last night. Through the years (into my 30th year now as an ASCCA member), I have met and been mentored by the real icons of our industry. I learned the fine art of leadership from the likes of Larry Moore, Tom Ward, Chet Stilbower, Ron Dyrness,Jim O’Neill, Allen Cherko, Dan Fogle, Mike Mahneke and Robert Salerno. I hope one day I too will be able pass those things on to the next ge ... read more

Junior Tamayo

Spotlight date: March, 2014 ASCCA | Junior TamayoMember of the month: Junior Tamayo Spotlight date: March, 2014 Junior Tamayo, Jay’s Auto Center, Torrance, CA In his own words: "I have been a proud member of the ASCCA for over 40 years and I am happy to share my story. I have always been a “pliers and wire” kinda guy; as a child I loved working with my hands, helping my uncles with whatever they were working on, whether it be tinkering with a motor or fixing a leaky faucet. I was inspired to work hard as I got older mostly because I was married with three kids by the age of 27. I began working for Jay’s Automatic Transmissions in 1969 as a grunt worker. My job was to stay out of everyone’s way and keep busy with whatever I was told to do. I really enjoyed working for Jay the original owner and he saw potential in me. Many nights when my co-workers would go home I would stay and read the work manuals on how t ... read more

Ken Breshears

Spotlight date: February, 2014 ASCCA | Ken BreshearsMember of the month: Ken Breshears Spotlight date: February, 2014 Ken Breshears, Keith’s Auto Repair, Redding, CA In his own words: "At 10 years of age my first job was detailing cars and working the pump island at my father’s Chevron service station during the summer. Later, when he became the AAA towing contractor for Shasta County, I would help the drivers on snow days and help the technicians during the summer. In high school I found employment in a restaurant and became a sous chef by age 18. By age 20 for many reasons I returned to the family business, a high volume Chevron station with a busy back room repair business. I became the manager by the end of that first summer, in 1983. The automotive repair business was changing and I was excited to learn all aspects of the industry, such as customer service, business management, new technologies and much more.In 1992 my father ... read more

Robert Salerno

Spotlight date: January, 2014 ASCCA | Robert SalernoMember of the month: Robert Salerno Spotlight date: January, 2014 Robert Salerno, Salerno’s Auto Service Center, Redlands, CA In his own words: "I was inspired to get into automotive repair early on. If my mother was alive today, she would tell you that starting at the age of two I took everything apart just to see what made it work. My dad at times wanted to terminate my life because he found some of those things in pieces. At age 15, for $50 I purchased a 1930 Model A sedan with a damaged engine. With the help of Sears, Roebuck & Company, and reading some books, I was able to overhaul the engine. With financial support from my lawn business I got that fine vehicle running. I also worked for a body man and painter at a local Pontiac dealership, in exchange for their free labor to paint my car. Then there was an opening for a new car-get ready helper. So my love of automobiles and ... read more
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